Customer References


"Peter did a wonderful job restoring an historic house in Tampa Heights. The result is great and he was able to make a tight budget work and the craftsmanship was excellent. Peter is a pleasure to work with and professional in every way. He provided a very detailed cost proposal and meticulously tying his billing to it which made the progress of the work and costs easy to track. I highly recommend Peter."
Martha Sherman

"I have used Carlin Construction for two major home renovations in Hyde Park and New Suburb Beautiful and Peter Carlin was great to work with. He is a true professional and someone you can trust to help with all types of construction needs. I would highly recommend anyone I know to use Carlin Construction and feel free to contact me with any questions. email:"
Scott C. Fitzgerald

"Carlin Construction did an outstanding job renovating my home in Hyde Park.  It was not an easy project, however Peter Carlin and his team did a great job of understanding the scope of work and outlining the details required to complete the renovation.  Peter also understands the requirements of the Architectural Review Commission (ARC), and this was critical given the historical requirements of Hyde Park."
Alan Harvill

We have been very satisfied with the quality of the work performed by Peter Carlin and Carlin Construction.  Peter did a wonderful job renovating our kitchen, family room and a bathroom in our 100-year old house.  His attention to detail and concern for the quality of the craftsmanship used in these projects was evident from the start and remains behind in the finished products.  Peter and all of the Carlin Construction employees and contractors were easy to work with, honest and fair, and always respected the fact that they were in our home.  We recommend them without hesitation.
Ronald Cohn

I am a small business owner with my own law practice.  When we decided that we had outgrown our rented space and decided to build our new law office I contacted Pete Carlin.  I had known Pete all of my life and also knew that he had been a Construction Manager for many years with J.O. DeLotto & Sons building schools for the Hillsborough County School District, so I knew he had the expertise and experience to get the job done.  When we first met, our concept was not even finalized, nor were any formal plans drawn up by the Architects.  From the onset Pete was able to give valuable input and pricing estimates which allowed us to proceed through the planning phases into construction.  Pete selected a wide array of skilled and reliable sub-contractors with whom he had on-going relationships.  This allowed the project to built efficiently, on time, and under budget.  Though ours was a smaller building it was loaded with custom features- including a Luca-bond awning, a fully-functional executive bath with a shower, over-head doors, a state-of-the-are surveillance and security system, to a myriad of interior and exterior custom-lighting fixtures.  These are largely time consuming, detailed features which are not easy to build out.  However Pete methodically and professionally worked through each and every detail from start to finish.  Today, close to Five (5) years after we moved into our brand new building on Cypress Street, we are still tickled every time we walk through the front doors.  The building has also proven to be very well-constructed, as we have had no issues with it, in that time.  I would highly recommend selecting Pete Carlin and his team for your construction project, whether big or small.
Harry Lee Coe, IV

In 2008 we asked Pete Carlin with Carlin Construction to build our office expansion. As structural engineers we expected and demanded quality workmanship. Because the construction was taking place right outside our windows we kept a close eye on all phases of the construction. Even with the daily pressure of having seven engineers reviewing his work, Pete provided us with a quality building that stayed within our budget and also met our schedule. 
Van Gladfelter

We hired Carlin Construction to perform a substantial remodel of our kitchen, living room, dining room, and entire backyard/patio area.  Peter Carlinwent over a detailed budget with us before construction began, and the project ultimately came in right at our budget.  The construction was organized and proceeded exactly according to plan, with the appropriate subcontractors showing up every day and doing consistently high-quality work.  I wholeheartedly recommend Carlin Construction to anyone considering a construction project of any size.
Chris Casper

We took on the task of restoring and adding on to our Hyde Park home in 2006.  From the beginning Pete from Carlin Construction was there to guide us through the process.  From working with the Architecture Review Commission to ensuring the landscaping was in place, Carlin Construction provided professional, courteous and always knowledgeable assistance.  We would use Pete again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone who would ask. 
Jill & Wyatt Wankelman