Peter Carlin, the President of Carlin Construction, has over 16 years of both construction and architectural experience. He has an undergraduate degree in Design, specializing in Architecture (1992), as well as a Master's Degree in Architecture (1994) from the University of Florida.  Peter has worked for both construction and architectural firms in Tampa, on projects ranging from schools, condominium towers, stadium renovations, and office buildings before establishing Carlin Construction Inc.  He understands the construction process thoroughly, from the initial design phase to the final walk-through at the project's completion.  His experience in both construction and architecture leads to a greater understanding and communication of the interactions between the architect or designer and the contractor.

Peter understands that it is imperative, because each project is different, that the kind of service provided must be tailored with the individual needs and requirements of the owner.  Cost is an important factor in any project, but Peter also realizes that other factors such as quality, flexibility and timeliness can play an equally vital role in the successful outcome of the project.  Peter prides his himself with a strong work ethic and desire to meet the unique challenges of each new construction project.